BAI Connect Services For Residential

Keep everyone in your household connected with guaranteed-speed Internet, TV and Phone service, all from the highest rated provide in Southern California.


Stream, Surf and Skype all at the same time with our reliable, lightning-fast Internet up to 1 Gig!


Get all your favorite programming on all your devices, anytime, anywhere.


Get unlimited calling across the U.S. and Canada for one low monthly rate.

Internet To Handle All Your Needs

Upload photos, stream music, Skype with family, and play online games … all at the same time without any lag or buffering. BAI Connect offers guaranteed, symmetrical speeds for upload and download so you’ll have the best of both worlds.

What Makes BAI Connect Different

At BAI Connect, we’re a different kind of company. We put our customers and their best interests first.

Symmetrical Speeds

We’re all using more bandwidth than ever before so get the speeds to support every person and device in your home.

No Data Caps

We believe it’s your Internet and you should use it how you want to. So, you can surf with confidence and avoid data overage fees.

No Contracts

We don’t try to trick our customers with deceptive advertising or long-term contracts. With BAI Connect, it’s simple, straight-forward pricing.

TV Service

Get access to the most popular programming on any device, at any time, anywhere. Choose the package that is right for you.

Crystal-Clear Calling

Unlimited calling plans let you keep connected to your friends and family. Plus, get peace of mind with enhanced 911 service.

Open Internet & Broadband Privacy Promise

At BAI Connect, we are 100% committed to net neutrality and the privacy rights of our consumers.

How Fast Is Your Internet?

Are you getting the speed you need from your current provider?