Carrier-Grade Internet

Our supersonic Carrier-Grade Internet is delivered across our own Fiber-Wireless integrated network with zero outsourcing so we have total quality control. Here’s what really sets us apart from other providers:

Fast Installations

No waiting for months on end. We’ll have you installed quickly and efficiently.

Low Latency

Super-low latency that averages under 5 milliseconds.

True Redundancy

Our network is independent and separate from the delivery path of all the other providers. When they’re down, we will still be up.

Our Network

Our high-speed Internet is delivered on our fully owned and managed network, with zero outsourcing.

Managed Wi-Fi

Need more than just an Internet hook up? We’re your one-stop shop.

  • Same high-quality as a wired connection
  • Create Wi-Fi hotspots and flexible work stations
  • Configure multiple wireless networks
  • Guests and employees can access the Internet anywhere within the office
  • Software runs smoothly without diverting broadband
  • Integrate with your POS system

Broadband On Demand

Are there some days when your business needs more bandwidth? Others when it doesn’t? We think you should only have to pay for those higher speeds on the days when you actually want it. Our Broadband on Demand allows you to turn up your Internet speed instantaneously with a single phone call. Daily, weekly, or monthly rates available.