Brady Adams, CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, Brady Adams leads the combined entities of Bel Air Internet, Aerio Connect, and Metro Fiber; all of which have recently been consolidated and rebranded as BAI Connect. BAI Connect is an ISP based primarily in Los Angeles and provides High-Speed Internet, Voice and Video to Multi-Family and highly-dense Commercial spaces including Hospitality, Institution and Urban Development.

Adams is focused on simultaneously advancing the company’s systems, culture, and personnel development to exploit the existing relationships and create a platform of Digital Transformation within the Multi-Family market sector. With the benefit of highly valuable assets and customers concentrated in the Los Angeles metro serving area, he intends to strengthen the company by leveraging both quality of service and market expansion.

Prior to becoming CEO of Bai Connect, Adams served as the CEO of Optic Access which was a start-up, middle-mile fiber company sold to Electric Lightwave. At Electric Lightwave, Adams was the General Manager until it was sold to Zayo Fiber where he then served as VP. Prior to this, Adams also served as CTO of 360networks until the sale to Zayo Fiber and held the position of COO at OneSource until its sale to Abry Partners. Adams also owned and managed a Managed Service Provider that sold to Globalgig in late 2019. And from its inception in 2000 until the sale to Abry Partners in 2009, Adams served as CTO for Grande Communications, a start-up overbuilder based in Austin, Texas. He has also held various roles at Bell Northern Research / Nortel in his early career.

J Findley, COO

J is an executive leader that has a proven track record in aligning operational goals with customer experience to deliver turnaround, process improvement, and business growth. While distinct in focus, these aspects are closely related. The ability to seamlessly incorporate them into vision, strategy, and team development is critical to the success of any operation.

As a hands-on, engaged leader, J builds businesses and transforms underperforming organizations into growth assets, improving results across segments, including business development, retail, corporate office, engineering & construction, field operations, and warehousing. My central strength is the ability to fluidly transition between strategy and tactics to concentrate on innovation, efficiency, and service.

Prior to BAI Connect, J served as EVP at Blue Quail Energy Services which was the largest water well drilling company in the Permian Basin. Before that he served as President & CEO at EnTouch Systems in Houston where he spearheaded operations and P&L, leading 120 cross-functional employees to deliver premium equipment, service and customer experience. Prior to that he served as the General Manager of Northland Communications for the East Texas region which followed his tenure as Vice President at Grande Communications Networks in San Marcos, TX where he oversaw and managed daily operation for all commercial and residential activities.

Eli Drucker, CFO

Eli has worked in global energy markets, technology private equity, built and scaled teams, and guided complex organizations through financial hurdles pre- and now emerging post-covid. Eli brings great expertise to the BAI Connect team in the areas of founder-level strategy and task execution, financial engineering for fast growth, optimization across the capital structure, KPI designation, strategic leadership and more. Prior to BAI Connect, Eli served as the Director of Marketing, Finance and Strategy at Fair.com. Before that he served as the Director of Treasury for Westlake Financial Services and was the CEO and Founder of Orion Energy Logistics as well as Endco Marketing & Logistics.

Diego Salas, CTO

Diego Salas is a seasoned IT executive with over nineteen years of experience, with particular strength in Engineering, IT Management, Infrastructure and Operations. Diego combines leadership and project management skills with hands-on technical expertise, allowing him to simultaneously architect, lead and implement mission-critical projects while lowering costs, improving efficiencies and introducing innovative technologies. He has a strong understanding with multiple compliance and regulatory agencies and is driven by a desire to align technology with a company’s mission, vision and culture.

When not dreaming up new engineering solutions, Diego enjoys spending time with his family, including his four sons.